2022 Summer Series Schedule

Fairgrounds in Fallon, NV.

Race 1 | April 9th

Race 2 | April 10th

Race 3 | May 7th

Race 4 | May 8th

Race 5 | July 9th

Race 6 | July 10th

Race 7 |September 10th

Race 8 | September 11th

Race 9 | October 1st

Race 10 | October 2nd

Back-up Dates | June 18th & 19th

Approximate Run Times

9:30-10:30 | Draw Number 1-20

10:30-11:30 | Draw Number 21-40

11:30-12:30 | Draw Numbers 41-60

12:30-1:30 | Draw Numbers 61-80

1:30-2:30 | Draw Numbers 81-100

2:30-3:30 | Draw Numbers 101-120

3:30-4:30 | Novice

End | 3D Poles

You will be able to pay with a credit, check or cash. If you pay at the race with a check or cash, it must be provided in an envelope with your entry and member number. Please note that you will not be able to race if your fees are not paid in full before your run.

The Draw-Out policy is in full effect, so please make sure you read and understand it before entering. Payout checks will be distributed at the race.

Early draw will be posted Friday by 3pm before the race.   Late draw will be posted on race day at 10am.   All entries after that will close at 11am and will go at the end of the draw. 

We will be running in sections of 20 riders per hour and the time-only runs will start before each section.  There will be only one drag for the time-only runs. Pee Wee’s can go in in the parent’s section or any section you would prefer; please specify your preference on their entry. They will follow the Open riders for each section.

Remember that you must volunteer for three races this year. This includes setting barrels and poles, picking up trash, working gates, etc. Please let Jacqui know that you will be volunteering this race so it is recorded.

Race times will be adjusted according to weather conditions.


Draw-Out and Refund Policy

If you need to draw out of the event you must do so by the Thursday prior to event by 6pm, 30% of fees will remain due unless you have a vet/doctor note, in that instance no fees are due (note must be provided by the Thursday prior to event at 6pm).

After 6pm the Thursday prior to event all draw outs, regardless of vet/doctor note will only receive 70% refund, if no vet/doctor note is provided there will be no refund.

Once the race starts refunds will be at the discretion of Silver State Barrel and Pole Association with a maximum refund of 70% of fees.