2020 Summer Series Races!

Our website is for your convenience for up to date race news, annual memberships and race entry online

Members will have preference of entry at all races due to the limited entries allowed due to social distancing guidelines set by the county, so memberships are encouraged if you plan on running at least six of our races this year.

SaddleBook offers many new additions for our club. You will have access to the draw online, instant results and we also have SSBPA Messaging Phone Number – Text the word DRAW to (775) 243-4004 and it will text back the next five riders who are up in the draw! With having to be at our trailers for social distancing and the loud speaker being hard to hear over there, this is a great convenience for us all. But everything comes with a price, which is why you will see a 3% fee for each entry passed to the contestants to cover the cost.

As for the race entry, you will have the option of an early or late draw, and we will run twenty per hour. We will put three Pee Wee’s in with their parents group each hour. If you plan on running poles, it is encouraged to run in the late barrel draw. This will allow for those only running barrels to come and go quickly in the early draw. TOs will occur for the first ten minutes of each hour and we are limited to about 40 seconds each. We will re-evaluate this process as the race progresses. We will not be charging for TOs this race due to the need to hustle through them, maintaining social distancing protocols and to lessen the initial shock of a SaddleBook fee.

You will be able to pay with a credit card, check or cash. If you pay at the race with a check or cash, it must be provided in an envelope with your name and member number that is assigned by SaddleBook on it. Please note that you will not be able to race if your fees are not paid in full before your run. The Draw-Out policy is in full effect, so please make sure you read and understand it before entering. Payout checks will be mailed the following Monday after the race. You will know if you win online! How exciting!

Remember that you must volunteer for three races this year. This includes setting barrels and poles, picking up trash, working gates, etc. Please check the box on your entry that you will be volunteering this race so that we can track it.

Due to Churchill County Fairgrounds requirements for social distancing, there cannot be more than 50 people around the arena at any given time. You must manage yourselves or they will shut down our races! There can only be 23 contestants in the Green Arena area. Fortunately, the Large Arena will be available for warming up. When you complete your run, please return to your trailer to make room for others who are up next in the draw. Please note that the bleachers will not be available for spectators.

If you need any help with your membership or entry, please call Jacqui Munson (775) 722-6715.

Order of Events – Starting Time 9AM

Open Barrels / Pee Wee Barrels
Novice Barrels
Open Pole Bending / Pee Wee Poles